Friday, November 25, 2016

2017 Jumping Spiders Calendar

Jumping Spiders: A 2017 Calendar with the Most Endearing Arachnids

Thinking of a Christmas gift for your fellow arachnophiles? I have put together a 11x8.5" Wall Calendar for 2017 featuring a different jumping spider in every month. A perfect gift for spider lovers!

Let these beautiful big-eyed spiders liven up your room or office in 2017.

Versions available:
  1. Australia Holidays (English)
  2. Brazil Holidays (Portuguese)
  3. Canada/English Holidays (English)
  4. Canada/French Holidays (French)
  5. France Holidays (French)
  6. Germany Holidays (German)
  7. India Major Holidays (English)
  8. Italy Holidays (Italian)
  9. Jewish Major Holidays (English)
  10. Malaysia Holidays (English)
  11. Pakistan Holidays (English)
  12. Peru Holidays (Spanish)
  13. Singapore Holidays (English)
  14. South Africa Holidays (English)
  15. Spain Holidays (Spanish)
  16. UK Holidays (English)
  17. USA Holidays (English)
Printing and international shipping is handled by

If you would like to order one in your country/language, let me know in comments and I'll see if I can create one.

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