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Nocturnal Creatures of Mandai

A rainy night adventure into Mandai, and we chanced upon one of the largest longhorn beetles I've ever seen! The Citrus Long-Horned Beetle (Anoplophora chinensis) is a pest to many hardwood and citrus trees by chewing into them. The females can deposit up to 200 eggs on tree barks, and it may take 12 to 18 months for the young to emerge as adult beetles. The beetle can grow up to 40mm in length, much larger than many other longhorn beetles.

Citrus Longhorn Beetle (Anoplophora chinensis?) - DSC_9111 #1 First encounter of the Citrus Long-Horned Beetle under a leaf, with an ant staring up at it's face

Citrus Longhorn Beetle (Anoplophora chinensis?) - DSC_9132 #2 View of it's head from above

Citrus Longhorn Beetle (Anoplophora chinensis?) - DSC_9135 #3 Wider view, the "horns" or feelers are typically as long as it's body

Citrus Longhorn Beetle (Anoplophora chinensis?) - DSC_9143 #4 Closeup on the face. This beetle's left wing was badly damaged and could no longer fly.

Fungus Weevil (Anthribidae) - DSC_9165 #5 Fungus weevil (Anthribidae). A "horse-faced" weevil found on a tree bark.

Cicada (Cicadidae) - DSC_9182 #6 Freshly molted cicada (the molt just dropped) drying it's wings before taking flight.

Tailless Whip Scorpion (Amblypygi) - DSC_9208 #7 Another night creature, the Tailless Whip Scorpion (or Whip Spider) found on a tree bark

Tailless Whip Scorpion (Amblypygi) - DSC_9228 #8 Low angled close up on it's face

Fungus Beetle? - DSC_9236 #9 Some kinda beetle

Tiger Beetle (Cicindelinae) - DSC_9244 #10 A Japanese Tiger Beetle (Cicindela Japonica) resting on a leaf, probably sleeping

Tiger Beetle (Cicindelinae) - DSC_9253 #11 Low angled side profile, it was raining when I shot this

Tiger Beetle (Cicindelinae) - DSC_9259 #12 Close up on the beetle's head

The complete album can be viewed here.
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